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Tube Radio Power Supply

T1                  Transformer P-T263AX    100-0-100 volt  100ma    5v, 2amp
                            (Antique Electronic Supplies)

F1                   0.5A Slo-Blo Fuse   Radio shack #900-8363   or equiv. *
IC1                 LM317T with heat sink   Radio Shack #276-1778  or equiv.

D1 thru D8     1N4006 diodes   Radio Shack #900-2874 *
D9 thru D12   22volt 1 watt Zener Diodes  1N4748A     Radio Shack #
                        900-3033 *

R1                   47 ohm resistor  Radio Shack # 271-1105 * #
R2                   270 ohm resistor  Radio Shack # 271-1112 * #
R3                   2K    5 watt resistor (2 watt is OK)   Radio Shack #

C1                   2200uF  16 volt  electrolytic capacitor   Radio Shack #

C2                   100uF   250 volt electrolytic capacitor   Radio Shack

C3 thru C6      .47uF 200 volt ceramic capacitor  Radio Shack #272-130*#
C7                   10uF Capacitor 35 volt electrolytic capacitor  Radio Shack

                        * from Radio Shacks Web site at
                        # from Radio Shack store also

Crystal Radio
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