Contest Prizes

Prize donations are being accepted. Remember the prizes must be the hands of a third party such as the judges before they can be listed.


Prizes contributed are

A set of head phones, The donor of the Head phones, Owen Pool. Owen's web sites are and
Thanks Owen for your support.

a unbuilt MRL-2 kit, The donor of the MRL-2, Rick Webor

To view an image larger please click on it.

 Kit Coil

    Rick runs a web site at
Thanks Rick for your support.

 Charlie Cotterman has made an unusual and generous prize offer.

In keeping with the spirit of the David Letterman Scholarship, which he awards to students who get straight C’s, and with the Navy Academy that has a special award for the graduate with the LOWEST grade point average. (Coming in dead last, but still graduating, has GOT to be at least a tough as coming in first.) Charlie has offered up a prize in each category for the entry that places most AVERAGE. After the points are tallied the judges will review them and pick the score in each class and category that is considered the most average. The lucky entrant will then get to pick five MRL booklets from the following list.

Each of the prizes consist of any FIVE of the following Modern Radio Labs books:

HB-1 Headphones: Operation and Repair

HB-5 Crystal Set Construction

HB-6 How To Make Coils

HB-10 Facts For Crystal Experimenters

HB-17 MRL 20 Crystal Set Circuits

HB-25 MRL 18 Crystal Set Circuits

Just cross off the one you DON’T want.

For the 18 and younger winner (er I mean AVERAGE guy) in addition, to a choice from the above list of booklets, Charlie is offering a set of MRL prints that he has been holding on to for a long time. (He says they are in “semi-mint” shape.) These are:

DP21 10 Tested Crystal Set Circuits

DP25 The Flextal Crystal Set

DP33 MRL Pocket Radios #7 - 19 - 32

DP43 MRL #26 Single-Dial All-Wave Crystal Set

DP47 MRL #28 All-Wave Plug-In Coil Crystal Set

DP69 MRL #12 Improved Slider Crystal Set

Of course if you are the ONLY entry in a particular category you are also the most average. I am holding the order forms and the check to MRL so it all ready to go. Thanks Charlie.


Lawrence A. Pizzella has donationed a set of 6 rock detectors.

I would like to offer up a selection of 6 of these as a prize in the Building Contest. They are:

Regular Galena

Steel Galena

Iron Pyrite





  Stand can be obtained at

   Dan Petersen, has been gratuitous enough to provide a Detector stand as a prize, a very nice looking one at that.

Dan also sell these and can be reached at Dan Petersen

Darryl Boyd has sent a beautiful set of sound powered phones. They are BRAND NEW!
Darryl Thanks for the support. By the way Darryl has a sound powered headphone web site at

Richard has made a very generous offer of a roll of 420/46 Litz wire. This will be a good prize for the lucky entry winner that get it.

A prize if two tube that can be used as coil forms have come in. The tubes are 5 1/4 inches in diameter, 38 inches long with a 1/4 inch thick wall.

Dan Bedford has offered a prize for the building contest.It is a mint copy of "The Australian Vintage Radio Calendar 1993". Totally useless for keeping 'up to date' but it contains 12 beautiful large coloured photographs of very collectable Australian classic radios from the bakelite era.Any early wireless "nut" will drool!

Thanks Dan

And of course Bragging rights till the next contest ! ! !