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Please E-Mail Lawrence Pizzella

On the subject of photos for the web site. There will be a limit of 1/2 meg of image space for every contestant. At first this may seem like a small limit, but with the ability to re size pixel height and width, as well as the ability to compress the image file most images will be in the 30k to 70k range. This will allow about 8 to 16 photos to a contestant. For those that do not have a digital camera, or access to one Lawrence Pizzella has offered to take photos for those that wish to send their radios to him. Contact Lawrence Pizzella by E-Mail for his home address.

For those of you who have a good camera and want to have the photos of your radio transferred to digital mode Charlie McGinnis can scan your photos. Contact Charlie McGinnis by E-Mail for his home address.

For those of you who have a scanner or digital camera, images can be submitted in almost any image format, they can be converted to either JPG or GIF format for the web site. Send your images to Charlie McGinnis who will post them to the web site.

Text for your images and for how you designed your radio may be submitted by E-Mail in either Note pad or MS Word 6 format. Spread sheets can also be posted to the web site of the radios performance Submit them in Excel version 5 by E-Mail to Charlie McGinnis who will post them to the web site.


Q: Do you want just photo's etc, or would a Netscape composer web page(s) be better??

A: Please submit all images in JPEG, GIF or BMP this will do just fine, All text in MS Word 6 format.


Q: How do I enter my DX score with the Building Contest entry to the XTAL RADIO DX Contest?

A: Follow the same rules, but keep your scores separate as a subtotal to your total score. For example, lets say your Building Contest entry is a single tuned all homebrew radio. This would allow you to take the multipliers allowed by the rules for stations heard on that radio. In the OPEN class you may use several radios, antennas, etc. This means you can log as many points as possible with the Building Contest radio, and put the subtotal toward the total in the OPEN class. Because the radio is single tuned you may also enter those points into the HOBBY class. Remember that in the HOBBY class you can not total points from multiple radios, while in the OPEN class you can.

If your Building contest entry is a double tuned radio you must enter it in the OPEN class, and put the points earned with it toward the total score for OPEN class only.

The plan is to have an HONORABLE MENTION in each class, (and perhaps a prize if one is offered up specifically for a Building Contest Radio) for that person with the highest score using a Building Contest radio.